Food Security and Food Quality

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The availability of an adequate, nutritious food supply worldwide is basic to sustaining future generations and to sustainable agriculture. We must work to understand the complex relationships among farming practices, policy, environment, diet and human health.

Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

United States Department of Agriculture.

A USDA initiative to promote sustainable local and regional food systems that will support small and mid-sized farms and ranches, strengthen rural communities, promote healthy eating, and protect our natural resources.

Organically Produced Foods: Nutritive Content

USDA. NAL. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center.

Bibliographic references (from 2000 to 2008) to literature and studies focusing on nutritional qualities of vegetables, fruits and meats produced in organic systems. Continues SRB 2000-03

Organically Produced Foods: Food Safety Issues

USDA. NAL. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center.

Bibliographic references to literature and studies that relate directly to food safety issues of food produced from organic agricultural and/or handling practices.

Reducing Food Poverty with Sustainable Agriculture: A Summary of New Evidence

University of Essex (United Kingdom). Centre for Environment and Society.

International survey documents evidence that, with appropriate policy support, sustainable agricultural systems can be both economically, environmentally and socially viable, and contribute positively to local livelihoods in most countries. (2001)

Greener Pastures: How Grass-fed Beef and Milk Contribute to Healthy Eating

Union of Concerned Scientists.

Presentation of the first comprehensive comparison of fat levels in beef and dairy products from conventionally-raised and pasture-raised animals.

Greener Eggs and Ham: The Benefits of Pasture-Raised Swine, Poultry, and Egg Production

Union of Concerned Scientists.

Reviews alternative swine and chicken production and marketing practices including organic and grass-based systems, ecological manure management and ecolabeling of products.

Michael Pollan, "Food Detective"

Straus Communications. Beyond Organic.

Pollan is the author of The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. Listen to a radio interview (April 2006) and find related books and articles.

Pesticide Data Program (PDP)

USDA. Agricultural Marketing Service.

National pesticide residue database that documents pesticide residues on agricultural commodities in the U.S. food supply, with an emphasis on those commodities highly consumed by infants and children.

Chefs Collaborative

Chefs Collaborative.

National network that promotes sustainable cuisine through local, seasonal and artisanal cooking. Provides tools for running economically healthy, sustainable food service businesses and making environmentally sound purchasing decisions. Site includes a state-by-state guide to members' establishments.

When Conservation Meets Cuisine

Audubon Society.

"The act of eating is one of the most powerful ways we affect the environment." This article discusses how America's top chefs are leading a culinary charge for sustainable cuisine. Each section includes a Helpful Links list. (Audubon Magazine, May-June 2004)

Linking Land Quality, Agricultural Productivity, and Food Security

USDA. Economic Research Service.

Report explores the extent to which land quality and land degradation affect agricultural productivity, how farmers respond to land degradation and whether land degradation poses a threat to productivity growth and food security in developing regions and around the world.

Food Security in the United States

USDA. Economic Research Service.

Data and reports about food security and hunger in U.S. households and communities.

Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System

USDA. Economic Research Service.

This data system includes three distinct but related data series on food consumption: foods available for human consumption in the United States; nutrient availability; and loss-adjusted food availability. See also the ERS Diet Quality and Nutrition topic page.

Summary of the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) of 1996

Environmental Protection Agency.

Background information on FQPA's provisions, discussion of some of the specific issues raised by the act, and links to the FQPA (Public Law 104-170 (1996)) and sources of related information.