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The farming of finfish, shellfish and other aquatic animals has become big business during the past 20 years. Recent developments include production of aquatic plants, organic production (non-U.S.), and fish/plant integrated systems.

Aquaculture, Fisheries, & Pond Management

Texas A&M University. AgriLife Extension Service.

Many topic pages that collect documents, tools and other sources of online information from U.S. universities. Special sections highlight aquaculture apps, how-to videos and youth resources.

Regional Aquaculture Centers (RACs)

The mission of the RACs is to support aquaculture research, development, demonstration, and extension education to enhance viable and profitable U.S. aquaculture production to benefit consumers, producers, service industries, and the American economy.


USDA. NAL. Animal Welfare Information Center.

Aquatic and aquaculture information including resources about animal welfare topics and fish species used in research.

2013 eXtension Virtual Aquaculture Workshop

Cooperative Extension Service.

Workshop sessions covered Species, Systems, Aquaponics (system design and management), and Aquaculture Business Management. Webinar recordings, PDF copies of the presentation, and reference materials are available.

catfish ponds Commodities and Products: Aquaculture

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center.

Reports on the aquaculture industry, explores small-scale aquaculture and describes how to market products. Profiles more than 15 farmed species.

Aquaculture Automated Database Searches

USDA. NAL. Alternative Farming Systems Information Center.

Conduct automated, real-time, searches to locate current resources on aquaculture-related topics - ready-made searches for AGRICOLA, USDA Agricultural Research Service, all USDA servers and Internet search engines.

Freshwater Aquaculture (from eXtension)

eXtension Foundation.

This interactive learning resource delivers news, factsheets, articles, lessons, and expert answers to questions. Land-grant university experts provide resources on freshwater cultured species, culture systems, recreational ponds and fish health to commercial or prospective aquaculture producers, Extension Educators and secondary school teachers.

Marine Aquaculture (from eXtension)

eXtension Foundation.

This interactive learning resource delivers news, factsheets, articles, lessons, and expert answers to questions. Land-grant university experts provide resources on marine aquaculture topics including getting started in aquaculture, finfish, shellfish, marine species, aquaculture feeds, permitting and policy, business planning, environmental interactions, risk management, marketing, and seafood health benefits.

Aquaculture Research Journals

Alternative Farming Systems Information Center. NAL. USDA

Identifies eleven journals that focus on aquaculture research in aquatic sciences and fisheries, aquaculture nutrition, molluscan studies, fish diseases and related topics.

Aquaculture Enterprises: Considerations and Strategies

National Center for Appropriate Technology. ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service.

Explores important considerations that must be weighed when planning an aquaculture enterprise and provides a list of resources and contacts for additional information.


Froese, R.; Pauly, D.

Searchable database contains more than 30,000 fish species known to science for professionals such as research scientists, fisheries managers and zoologists. FishBase was developed at the WorldFish Center in collaboration with the FAO and many other partners.

Environmentally Friendly Aquaculture Digital Library

National Sea Grant Library.

Contains documents relating to aquaculture and arranged into the following subject areas: general, open ocean, cage/net pen culture, recirculating systems, stock enhancement, laws/regulations, and design/construction. Some documents are available online, others may be borrowed or ordered.

Finfish Aquaculture Workbook Series

Maryland Sea Grant Extension.

A series of fact sheets about fish farm and pond maintenance. A list of relevant videos and publications is provided.

Fishing for Information

University of Stirling; Aqua TT, Ltd.

A collaborative effort to identify and link to international resources available from government, academia, associations, organizations, industry, and others on aquaculture and related aquatic science.