Native Plants and Ecofriendly Landscaping

Redbeckia or black-eyed susan flowers

Looking for plants and practices that will help your landscape thrive? Find information about plants that have adapted naturally in your area and how to use them in the landscape to maintain and improve the environment.

NOFA Organic Land Care Program

Northeast Organic Farming Association Organic Land Care Committee.

Offers accreditation courses, homeowner workshops, guidelines and educational materials for organic lawn and landscape practices.

Native Plant Database

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Presents extensive information and images on native plants. Includes recommended species by state, a plant and seed suppliers list, an organizations list, how-to guides and a Native Plant Bibliography.

Native Plants in the PLANTS National Database

USDA. Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Use the PLANTS database to compile a comprehensive list of North American native plant species from the native status search criteria.

Plant Conservation Alliance

Bureau of Land Management. Plant Conservation Alliance.

A source for various expert and events directories, funding resources, publications and articles, native plant landscaping guides by U.S. region and Alliance business and communication.

Green Landscaping

Environmental Protection Agency.

Information on landscaping with native plants with a focus on the Great Lakes region of the United States.

Beneficial Landscaping: Environmentally-friendly Landscaping

Environmental Protection Agency.

A short summary about natural landscaping with tips for implementation, a discussion of its benefits and further sources for information.

Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series

University of Minnesota. Cooperative Extension Service.

Covers landscape design, plant selection, design implementation and landscape maintenance.

Flora of North America

Flora of North America Association.

Presents "information on the names, taxonomic relationships, continent-wide distributions, and morphological characteristics of all plants native and naturalized found in North America north of Mexico."

Native Plant Network

Native Plant Network.

Includes free online access to Native Plants Journal and Native Plants Propagation Protocol Database.

Plant Native

Plant Native.

Includes a native plant nursery finder, a how-to naturescape guide, recommended books and native plant lists organized by region.

Garden for Wildlife

National Wildlife Federation.

Information to help make your yard attractive to wildlife. Find more information and receive certification from the National Wildlife Federation for your backyard and wildlife friendly Gardening Tips.

ecoSmart Landscapes

USDA. Forest Service. Urban Ecosystems and Social Dynamics Program; EcoLayers.

Web-based software program designed to evaluate the economic trade-offs between different landscape practices on residential parcels. Users test various alternatives to arrive at environmentally and economically sound solutions for energy, water and fire management.